Why a Complete Event Must Include a Virtual Strategy

Virtual event solutions have become an essential element of event execution.  Here’s what’s at risk if no virtual solution is leveraged.

When in-person events and engagements of all kinds and sizes came to a halt, planners and organizers immediately pursued solutions to ensure gatherings remained cherished moments endured and revenue streams continued uninterrupted. What started as an industry solution for remote life has staked its claim in the evolution of events as a true staple, a crucial core element to executing a complete event.

Why Virtual Event Solutions are Key to Executing a Complete Event

Including virtual event solutions substantially expands the value of your event. The tools available to maximize your event strategy to boost your event reach are as fundamental as registration.

Here’s why:

Reach a bigger audience.

Events held online are undeniably more accessible than gathering in person, since guests no longer have financial, travel or personal barriers that prevent them from attending an event. Even for multiday online events, attendees are given the opportunity to pick and choose which sessions they’ll attend live versus view on-demand later.

More networking opportunities for attendees.

In many cases, virtual event platforms offer better methods of networking than live events can offer. Case in point: Many online events allow attendees to quickly peek at the guest list and connect with those attendees on the spot—not something easily accomplished at in-person gatherings with thousands of guests roaming around a convention center. 

Unlock new revenue opportunities and optimize event ROI.

As online event platforms evolve even more, planners continue looking to platforms that have engagement-friendly features that attract not only attendees but sponsors too, such as polls, one-on-one video conference and gamification, to name a few. These types of interactive elements have allowed events held online to be just as impactful as IRL gatherings, adding to their value for sponsorships.

Additionally, the aforementioned benefit of reaching a bigger audience leads to more attendees, greater brand exposure for sponsors and an overall greater reach than even the best live events can offer. Over the last year, some live events that once brought in 5,000 attendees yearly have more than doubled their guest list by shifting to a digital platform.

Significantly improve resource scalability with better data.

Also with a bigger audience comes exponentially more data that event organizers can analyze and utilize to create more personalized events for their audience, as well as offer sponsors more targeted leads. Which trade show booth did the most attendees visit? Which education session had the most engagement during the Q&A with the speaker? Which sponsor exhibit had the most inquiries? Online events allow organizers access to all that data and more, which allows them to scale elements up or down depending on their event’s needs and goals.

What’s Next for
Virtual Events

The value of adding virtual solutions is clear and becoming more and more mainstream with the accelerated adoption of other virtual services and experiences. And while live events are returning, savvy event organizers are searching for platforms and solutions that holistically address the full expectation of executing a custom, unforgettable and adaptable solution to compliment live-person engagements. 

More and more, planners are recognizing that the inherent benefits of virtual solutions ensure a complete event is achieved, and that all core elements of an in-person are maximized in reach and execution through a virtual platform. To execute an event without a virtual solution is to ignore an essential tool for success on the shelf. 

Virtual Tables, a platform founded by event producers, successfully and independently operates at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and professional event services. Designed and built by industry experts, Virtual Table’s solutions are delivered with great attention to virtually replicate the experiences that make in-person events so unique and extraordinary. 

From producer accessibility and consumer journey to talent experience and event purpose, Virtual Tables has considered all aspects of an event, and therefore has elevated the performance expectations of virtual solutions. 

Why It Works

A tenant of event professionals is the ability to fully customize every detail of event and to provide guests with the most unique experience—all while giving the host complete control over the delivery. 

Virtual Table’s platform executes with that vision in mind. From private conversations and digital keepsakes to green room talent prep and full table discussions, any and all “what if” scenarios and experiences can be delivered virtually. Unique to Virtual Tables is its guest access codes, known as pins, which give administrative command to the host for what specific experience each guest is meant to enjoy during the event. 

As events continue to evolve in offerings and experiences, the virtual component will only become more mainstream, as will the expectations for a highly versatile and responsive solution on which it can be delivered. Virtual Tables, like the industry itself, has evolved into that one-of-a-kind solution for this new era of event management. 

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Whether you’re a brand or a potential reseller, our platform provides the adaptability and versatility to handle any project you bring to the table. 

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We look forward to walking you through a more catered demo to your specific event needs. One of our team members at Virtual Tables will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.

Let's get started

We look forward to walking you through a more catered demo to your specific event needs. One of our team members at Virtual Tables will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.