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Your Complete Virtual Venue + Hybrid Destination

As live event experts, Virtual Tables was designed and built to be the next best thing to in-person activations

When venues closed in 2020, we quickly realized the industry needed a digital solution to survive. So, we set out on a search to find the platform that suited our needs, provided the personal touches and understood event logistics like us.  But we could not find it –
we built it.

The Platform That Puts You First

Informed by over 25 years of event production and development experience, our team is driven by innovation and backed by unbelievable talent. Together, we work tirelessly to bring clients and their consumers closer and more connected than ever before.

We are making virtual personal.
Just one pin and you’re in.
No added software needed.
Keep audiences engaged
with a range of digital
activation tools.
Networking has never been easier.
Connect with a click and catch up
like a boss.

On-call tech support
available for all your event needs.

Our unique design effortlessly drives brand awareness, engagement and attention that basic live streams could not even dream of.


We’re a canvas for customization as our platform enables you to suit your Brand’s guidelines – from backgrounds and logos, to color usage, unique URLs and more.


Whether your event has one sponsor or ten, we provide multiple options to integrate them throughout the experience and maximize visibility for every attendee.


Built for big and small, our scalability can cater to any type of event, whether intimate 1:1 conversations, boutique agency trainings or enormous conferences and beyond.

Good Company,
Great Results 

Major brands. Fortune 500 companies.
Non-profit organizations. We have worked with them all to bring their visions to life and forge unforgettable connections with their consumers.

Pricing Planned Around You 

Our basic package’s easy and adaptable pricing structure is the perfect place to begin with a world of extra features waiting to make your experience as custom as you can imagine. Whether it’s additional GA rooms, photo booth or mosaic engagements, we are standing by to ensure everything you need is on the table.

There's room for everyone

Whether you’re a brand or a potential reseller, our platform provides the adaptability and versatility to handle any project you bring to the table.